Give Me A Sine Compilation

Give me a Sine Compilation

by Waxen Wings: A Net Label

All songs written using ONLY sine waves in their creation. All oscillations, modulations, lfo’s, envelopes, etc, use only sine waves. No samples or outside source audio were permitted on this releases, unless of course the samples were of pure sine waves. Download includes full 8 panel artwork and extensive liner notes on each piece written by each artist.


released 01 June 2012
Concept presented by j.siemasko

Silicon Ball – Chatty Sine

Schemawound – Sinusoid

Tapage & Espoir – Green Queen Discount

loopool – A Sine From the Heavens

Somnaphon – eclat ibex

Travis Johnson – Aatostix

Basar Ünder – Waves

The 440 Project – 440 (1)+

Cathal Rodgers – Status Tones

Carl Kruger – Sine Language

Dustin Ransom – untitled #3

RDMV – The Drowning of Klaus, Part II

Nipple Stools – Original Sine

Alexandros Drymonitis – theta

riBSPace – Glace

Arseterror – untitled

Acreil – Prion Solion

Dronoisium – Dronoisinewium

Fetishground – Total Enclosure Electrical Disruption

RDMV – Xcmpchrp12

Dan of Earth – The Wub Wub Wub Song

Antonio Della Marina – Stiria Trip

The Icarus Descent – Dead Space (the astronaut’s descent into madness)

Download here.

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